Lionhead Goldfish

Hood incredible and cheeks lionheads fat or headgrowth give them a facial appearance similar to puppies.The dog " Wen " ( Chinese term for headgrowth) covers the entire head and cheeks and gill plates of fish.Furthermore, lionheads have a short but deep body , and relatively straight or curved back evenly without dorsal fin . Finnage, in general , for a brief period . Standards require that nursery that Lionhead associated anal fins , twin tail fins must not droop , and should hold the upper edge of the tail away from the traditional Lionhead body.The and can be completely separated , partially separated , or filmy . The tail must also meet the base of the tail ( the area where the tail joins the body) in a way that is almost perpendicular to the tail rod body.The perfect and wide, allowing the tail to open when the fish swim . The back of the right to Lionhead wide enough to support the development of development, such as berries hood.Hood can vary , but more pronounced in males . Hood usually takes one year to develop the young fry . Shed Lionheads male adults League headgrowths their spots .

Can Lionheads grow up to 6 inches ( 15 cm ) long (including finnage) and can be metallic , clamshell or matte scales.They available in orange , red, white, red, white , blue, black , black - white, black , red , natural, and chocolate .