Mbu pufferfish

And MBU puffer , giant puffer , or giant freshwater puffer , fugu MBU, is pufferfish freshwater carnivorous coming from the middle and lower Congo River in Africa , and the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika near the mouth of the River Malagarasi.

Often referred to this type as the giant freshwater pufferfish because the size is too large , and growing with the length of 67 cm (26 inches ) . Thus, it is difficult for the fish in captivity because they require a very large basin and water purification at an appropriate scale .

Like all its relatives , MBU puffer able to inflate itself with water or air when stressed or frightened . It takes a small fish , mollusks and crustaceans. Species kept in captivity require a varied diet consisting of crisp foods to help ensure good health and the prevention of tooth hypersensitivity .